A Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

Eighty-four years ago, Elisabeth Morrow greeted her first students at The Little School, then housed on Linden Avenue in Englewood. The school, which focused on nursery and preschool ages, was a novel idea in the 1930s and Elisabeth worked hard to ensure its success. She was committed to preserving the best of the old and incorporating the best of the new in education. Much has changed since the founding of EMS but our roots remain firm.

Our community now encompasses children from threes through eighth grade yet our mandate to instill in them a love of learning is greater than ever. The morning handshake each student still receives confirms recognition of them as individuals and establishes direct contact between the student and teacher or administrator. It has been over five years since the last of my three children graduated from EMS and I can see, in their personal and professional growth, the maturation of seeds planted long ago. Some of it is specific, such as the study skills they learned in fifth grade. More of it is a continuing desire to learn and an awareness of the world around them. In some cases, I can draw direct connections between their choice of college major and the EMS teachers who nurtured the beginnings of that interest.

As president of the Board of Trustees, I believe Elisabeth Morrow would be proud of her school today. Our administration and faculty continue to carefully blend the tried and true instructional methods with new technology and the expanding skills demanded of 21st century students. Likewise, the trustees use their own expertise to support the needs of the School and to help continue the vision of its founder. As we continue to refine the strategic plan of 2012 and develop our master plan for EMS, the Board carefully considers what is best for the school now and in the future.The Board of Trustees remains committed to the EMS mission, providing the best education for our students, and ensuring the continuing success of The Elisabeth Morrow School.


Rosemary Mills Russell


Board of Trustees, 2014–2015

Rosemary Mills Russell, President

Edward J. Hunter, First Vice President

Joseph A. Agresta, Jr '78 Second Vice President

Greg Amerkanian, Second Vice President

Hanita Walia, Second Vice President

Heide Ilgenfritz, Treasurer
Melinda Panella Insana'82, Secretary
Adrienne Anderson '79
George "Chuck" Chiocco, Jr.
Angie Byun Chung

Joseph J. DeRose, Jr.
Armando A. Diaz
Ashley Grant
Joshua E. Hyman '75
Robert Kachikian
Jayne Gurland Lein (alum)
Gil Mandelzis

Neal Merker
Robert Michiels
Courtney Myers Miglietta '81 

Jennifer Ostfeld

Elizabeth Puchner
Jeffrey Rowbottom

Gregory Shaia
Clare Sheridan
Jenny Steingart
Cynthia Vives

Trustee Emeriti
Sandra Borg
Joan Van Alstyne '34 Johnson
Graham Jones
Emily Mann
Jayanne Tedesco
William Van Ness

(Updated 7/22/2014)

Rosemary M. Russell
President, EMS Board of Trustees

About the Board

The Elisabeth Morrow School is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees.  It is the responsibility of this body to plan, develop and establish policy, and to assess the performance of the School within the School’s mission and philosophy. The Board also oversees the School’s financial health and physical plant; to this end, the Board sets tuition and initiates capital campaigns.  As well, the Board is responsible for the selection of the Head of School and works in close collaboration with the Head. The Head of School is charged with the implementation of policy and the day-to-day operations of the School.