An active community of alumni sustains a strong multigenerational tradition, with many children and grandchildren of graduates also calling EMS their second home.

Dear Treasured Alumni:

It’s great to see you here!  Whether you were on our campus 50 years ago or just last June, we are happy that you have chosen to remain an active part of the Elisabeth Morrow family.  Although my time at this wonderful school is just beginning, I already see just how special a place this is, and why for so many alums this remains a second home.  Beyond feeding students’ intellect and preparing them for the next steps in their educational journey, this school has always offered a haven where the four Cs---cooperation, consideration, compassion and courtesy—are lived every day.  In a rapidly evolving world, the constancy of these bedrock values has provided a strong foundation for our students for more than 80 years.

Many of our current students are legacies. That our graduates have chosen to entrust us with their most precious gift---their children---speaks volumes about the value of an EMS education.   I look forward to being part of a community with such a strong multi-generational tradition and learning from all of you what makes EMS unique.

Soon I will meet many of you and hear first-hand your wonderful memories and current observations about EMS.  In the meantime, please take a moment to drop me a line to introduce yourself or update your informationI can’t wait to hear from you.


My best,

Phyllis Kesslen

Director of Alumni Relations




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