Parents Association

The purpose of the Parents Association is to promote the goals of The Elisabeth Morrow School by working with the parents, faculty, students, administration and Board of Trustees for the benefit of the School and the children. This group of parent volunteers is lead by a board consisting of a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary, treasurer, a representative from each building (Chilton House, Little School, Morrow House) and a liaison to the EMS Board of Trustees.  There are “class parents” for each classroom through grade six, and for grades seven and eight.  The PA board has regular communication with the administrators in order to plan activities, share news, and communicate suggestions.

The role of the PA is to host events and provide services that enhance the School’s programs.  Their largest undertaking is the annual Book Fair each fall.  This spectacular multi-day event for all grade levels provides for book buying, presentations by visiting authors, purchasing gift books for the School’s libraries, a café, and other activities.  Many hands make this a successful enterprise.

The PA sponsors other activities such as the New Family Picnic, library volunteers, hospitality, and the Faculty Luncheon.  This group is responsible for working with the professionals who take the student photographs and they run the School Store, which raises money for the tuition aid program. The PA sponsors parent educational workshops throughout the year.  Class parents work closely with teachers to arrange parties and holiday celebrations, to provide parents to accompany field trips or help with any other special arrangements.  With the monies raised throughout the year by the PA, a significant gift is made to the school to enhance programs and provide equipment.

PA Board

President Adela Waymouth Skinner
1st Vice President Fran Rowbottom
2nd Vice President Judy Couri
Secretary Saloni Parikh
Treasurer Joan Zhao
Morrow House Rep. Alyssa Wilk
Little School Rep. Debra Glasser
Chilton House Rep Catherine Ferreira