Early Childhood Program - Threes and Fours Programs

Introduction to the Early Childhood Programs

Spacious, light-filled classrooms, outdoor patio spaces for additional play, wide hallways filled with art, a purpose-built playground, a library just their own, and amenities sized for young children:  these are just some of the impressive hallmarks of Chilton House, Elisabeth Morrow’s Early Childhood facility.  With a Director overseeing the program, each classroom is under the supervision of two fully qualified teachers.

Our comprehensive curriculum offers engaging and challenging hands-on activities in math, language arts (reading, writing and oral expression), social studies, and science.   Students visit the library on a daily basis and music and physical education classes meet for all levels.  Four year old and kindergarten students receive additional instruction in Spanish, while kindergarten students also have weekly specialized courses in computers. 

At Elisabeth Morrow, social growth is as important to us as intellectual development in our Early Childhood program.  We follow the guiding principles of the Responsive Classroom, which is based on the premise that children learn best when they are engaged in both academic and social-emotional activities.