Academic Assessment

Communication and partnership with parents is important to us at Elisabeth Morrow.  Through email, telephone and in person, we encourage consistent communication between families and teachers regarding student development.  In addition, there are four formal reports of student progress annually in all divisions: two parent-teacher conferences (November and March) and two written reports (February and June).   The goal of the written progress report is to give parents a clear and precise description of the progress of their child. To best accomplish this, each division has its own format for written reports. Please see below for specific information regarding the written progress reports.

In the threes and fours, detailed narrative reports in February and June are used to provide parents with a clear and thorough picture of the emotional, social, physical, language and academic growth of their children. The teachers give in-depth descriptions which are supported by concrete examples of how each child functions in the classroom, develops relationships, takes risks and invests in his or her learning throughout the school day. In addition to the two scheduled conference days, the teachers are available by phone, email or additional conference time to speak to parents about their child's development.


Standardized Testing

The Elisabeth Morrow School administers the Comprehensive Testing Program 4 (CTP4) from the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) to students in third through eight grade.  Results are shared with parents and also used to help teachers differentiate instruction for students.

English Language Learners

The Elisabeth Morrow School screens in-coming students who might benefit from English language instruction by our trained ELL teacher.

Special Services

The Director of Special Learning Services conducts screening and informal assessments for our students on an as-needed basis.

For more information on Special Learning Services, please contact:

Allison Egert, Ed.D.

Director of Special Learning Services

201-568-5566 x7234