Environmental Education

With global, environmental issues now part of our daily news cycle, it makes sense that Environmental Education become an integral part our School's curriculum and The Elisabeth Morrow School is committed to providing our students with experiential opportunities for environmental research and stewardship.  While many "green" topics are integrated into science courses, there are specific areas and activities on campus that focus directly on the stewardship of our planet. 

With our campus being ideally situated, our students take frequent trips to the Hudson River, local wetlands or nature preserves to conduct research for class.  Or, they may also make their observations right here on our fourteen-acre, wooded campus.  Our School also provides working gardens, where children in all three divisions learn about the life of plants, their structures and growing cycles.  They tend the gardens, sowing and harvesting their own vegetables for eating or for use in dyes.  As well, the Conservation Club explores new ways to recycle school and garden waste, along with rainwater, assisting in the preservation of our pristine campus.