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The Elisabeth Morrow School is a private school near NYC (10 minutes from the George Washington Bridge!) serving more than 400 students in 3s to 8th grade from Bergen, Hudson and Rockland counties and the New York area.

EMS Hosts Maker Day on May 14. Event is Open to the Community
Maker Day at The Elisabeth Morrow School

The Elisabeth Morrow School will host its first Maker Day on Saturday, May 14, from 9:00am-11:30am. This all-ages event is open to the community and is a perfect opportunity for families to explore EMS' STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiative.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in arts, crafts, engineering, science and do-it-yourself projects organized by EMS and other community organizations. EMS students and faculty will also lead hands-on demonstrations, make-it and take-it activities and participatory design experiences.

Maker Day mirrors The Elisabeth Morrow School's hands-on approach to engaged learning.

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A major focus of the EMS curriculum is guiding students beyond the realm of merely consuming technology. Using a wide array of digital tools in the EMS Maker Space, from 3D printers to circuitry and coding software, students are consistently immersed in design, innovation and problem solving. This develops the maker mindset and the knowledge, patience and perseverance gained from projects such as programming a robot or creating wearable electronics can be applied to new challenges that students will encounter in high school and college.

You can learn more about EMS' approach to STEAM in the blog post in the Art of Science Education.

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