A foundation for lifelong learning, leadership and moral citizenship begins in a creative and stimulating environment that values a holistic approach to a child's education.

History and Philosophy

The Elisabeth Morrow School’s shared purpose is to provide exemplary academics and character development in a diverse and inclusive child-centered community, inspiring students to become curious scholars, ethical leaders, and global citizens.

Elisabeth Morrow, the daughter of Elizabeth Cutter Morrow and Dwight Morrow, financier and the Ambassador to Mexico, was passionate about the education of children. Throughout her adolescent years, she envisioned a school where students would develop academically, socially and ethically within a supportive environment. Upon completion of her education at Smith College and along with classmate Constance Chilton, Elisabeth's long-awaited dream of providing a quality education in early childhood became a reality in 1930. With smiles and outstretched hands, Elisabeth and Constance greeted 40 students at the doorstep of The Little School, located in a home on Linden Avenue in Englewood.

In 1936, the school moved into its new residence at 435 Lydecker Street in Englewood, the site of Elisabeth Morrow's childhood home. Since the relocation, the school has expanded to more than 400 children from three-years-old to eighth grade. Today, the school maintains a 14-acre campus with six buildings that include state-of-the-art technology labs, gymnasiums, science labs and libraries as well as an athletic field, nature trails, working gardens and playgrounds.

The Elisabeth Morrow School is a community of students, faculty, administrators, staff, parents, students and alumni, all of whom value an excellent education as fundamental in the lives of children and the adults they will become. The keystone of the School is the “4 C’s.”

Courtesy, Consideration, Cooperation, Compassion

The School community encompasses many different cultures, valuing their contributions to the lives of the students, who, in turn, come to appreciate the differences among people. This begins with a personal handshake that each student receives upon arrival to the School.

Beyond the 4 C’s, which emphasize the importance of respecting the needs and feelings of others, the School also holds as central the value of:

  • setting high standards in all endeavors;
  • the central role of honesty in relationships;
  • the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own conduct;
  • and the worthiness of service to others.

There are very few occasions in which these central values do not give clarity and direction to all that we do and how we judge actions and words.

In a child-centered environment, EMS cares deeply about...

  • Academic Excellence
  • Character Development
  • Community
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Passion for Learning


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