EMS Cares: Third-Grader Avi Agrawal Raised More Than $4,000 for Feed America

When EMS third-grader Avi Agrawal heard that families were struggling for basic necessities, like food, in this unprecedented time of coronavirus, he decided he wanted to do something to aid those in need.

“I’ve recently learned that some people can’t afford food, especially now, and it really bothered me,” says Avi, “so I wanted to start my own fundraiser to help them.”

With his parents, Amrit and Rachel, Avi set up a fundraiser with Feeding America. In the past two weeks, Avi’s efforts have raised more than $4,000, which will help provide more than 40,000 meals for families in need, according to Feeding America.

Avi, whose birthday is on May 5, told his parents that he also wants to contribute the budget from his birthday party to help feed more families. 

“We are extremely proud of Avi’s ability to think beyond himself and have such a strong desire to help others in need, at such a young age,” says Amrit.

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