Latin Teacher Joins Committee for Excellence Through Classics

Latin teacher and Associate Director of Secondary School Placement Megan DeGraff-McMenamy was recently asked to be on the PRIMA Committee for Excellence Through Classics of the American Classical League.

In this role, DeGraff-McMenamy will develop a writing schedule and create test-related resources and/or articles for PRIMA, Excellence Through Classics publication. The themes for 2020-2021 will include National Mythology Exam: Transformation, Exploratory Latin Exam: Daily Life, and Scribo Latin Writing Contest: Famous Romans.

In addition, DeGraff-McMenamy will attend virtual meetings to learn more about Excellence Through Classics Resources and PRIMA publications, brainstorm resource/article topics, and share their progress throughout the writing process.

“This role is a unique opportunity,” says DeGraff-McMenamy, “and it will provide exposure to the wonderful Latin program at EMS.”

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