Little School Faculty Sing "The Apple Tree" Song

By Emily Spaeth, Music Teacher
I have had the opportunity to experience EMS remote learning as both a parent and a teacher, and I can attest to what a special community this is. As a teacher, I was challenged to find ways to stay connected to my students and keep them on their path of learning. I, like many of my students, was disappointed that our end of the year traditions had to be re-imagined and that we couldn't celebrate all together. As a parent, I gained an even greater appreciation of how dedicated and invested our faculty is to their students. I witnessed daily interactions between my son and his teachers who were always willing to meet, clarify, and discuss his various assignments and issues. I saw amazing ingenuity in their lesson plans and how they were able to keep him engaged and interested even while sitting at our dining room table. I will be forever grateful to the EMS faculty for everything they have done to support my family.
All that being said, I was searching for a way to thank our students for all that they have accomplished this year, especially with the challenges of remote learning. After brainstorming with Ms. Brennan, we decided to ask the faculty to come together to sing The Apple Tree as a sign of solidarity with our community of learners. I hope you enjoy it!

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Wishing you a healthy and safe summer!

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