Morrow House Science Teacher Completes School Leadership Master's Program

Stephanie Nebel, a sixth- and eighth-grade science teacher and sixth-grade advisor, completed the School Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania this year and earned her master’s degree. 
Nebel was awarded the gcLi Fellowship in Pedagogy of Leadership to attend the School Leadership Program in January of 2019. As part of the program, she completed a 430-hour internship at The Elisabeth Morrow School and conducted a practitioner research project on student and faculty perception of introversion and extraversion in Morrow House. 
“The program brings together aspiring leaders in independent, charter, and public schools,” says Nebel. “During our 11 months together, we learned about leadership, curriculum, and the inner workings of schools. Through inquiry projects, I was able to grapple with and apply the concepts and theory I was learning.”

  • Leadership Achievement