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Remote Learning: What it looks like at EMS

We are all living in a “new normal” and that includes remote learning for our students. EMS welcomed back students on Monday, March 30, and we all got right to work.
“Throughout the spring break, we worked on preparations to support your children in remote learning,” says Head of School Dr. Maureen Fonseca. “Our mission for student remote learning is the same mission that we have for in-class learning: that is, to provide our students with a joyful, exciting, and interactive education. We are striving to create the same engagement in your home as students have on our campus.”
Our direction is a blended learning education that includes both synchronistic and asynchronistic learning environments. 

Synchronistic learning: Real-time online learning that allows for students to participate with their teachers and classmates at an established time, allowing for interactions in real-time. 
Asynchronistic learning: A learning environment that does not require participants, teachers, and students to be online at the same time. This allows families to organize their use of the internet and to share home devices. 
Teachers have chosen appropriate learning objectives, and in the following weeks will phase in deeper content and tools, as appropriate. Chilton House and Little School are using Seesaw to see and post assignments. Teachers are using the assignment tool and announcements to share work and instructions. Parents and students can post questions using Seesaw messaging, email, or Google Meet communications.

Morrow House students are using myEMS and Google Classroom to view assignments. Teachers will continue to post assignments on a regular basis. They may also post brief videos to further explain assignments. Students can post questions as class comments or private comments directly on the assignment in Google Classroom. Students have access to their online textbooks and other tools that they already use in class. 
For more details on remote learning at EMS, click here.
To view a recorded "tech support" livestream hosted by Dr. Rurik on March 30, click here.

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