Second-Graders Explore Physics During Forces in Motion Expo

In its fifth year, the Forces in Motion Expo, held in Little School’s Innovation Alley, features how our second-grade students are learning about forces and gravity and tying in our STEAM disciplines in their learning processes.

Students were tasked with understanding how the parts and forces work on a system and creating and programming a Lego WeDO while working in teams. They also created a habitat and learned about advertising to market their creations.

“It was with much excitement that the second-grade students shared their learning with their families during the Forces in Motion Expo,” says Lower School STEAM Chair and Science Teacher Kara Makohon-Moore. “After a couple of months of learning, programming, problem-solving, and team-building, students showcased their Lego WeDo creations, habitats, and advertisements using all of the elements to have a STEAM learning experience. It was a fun morning seeing all of the creativity, families troubleshooting with their children, and learning that was taking place.”

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