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Sixth-Graders Bring Ancient Greece to EMS

On a recent Thursday morning, sixth-grade students participated in the Greek Olympics, an annual tradition at The Elisabeth Morrow School.
Dressed in chitons, a traditional ancient Greek clothing consisting of a white sheet draped around their bodies, students began a procession of the city-states – Athens, Olympia, Ithaca, Corinth, and Delphi – from the music room to the Gymkhana, where they explained the history of the Olympics and the city-state symbols.
As part of the program, they wrote modern myths in English class, performed Greek tragedies written by peers, shared multimedia interpretations of Greek myths that they created in technology class, and participated in athletic events modeled on the ancient Olympics. They also enjoyed dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) along with their Greek lunch.
“Students showed videos that they have been working on for over a month,” says Middle School Technology Integrator Samantha Morra. “They made song parodies, movie trailers, and imagined Greek gods and heroes using current technology like texting and TikTok. They used different techniques – green screen, stop motion animation, and video capture from Minecraft. Their audio and video engineering skills were put to the test and they made some great videos.”
In the afternoon, after the Greek Olympics ended, activities continued in the sixth-grade classrooms. Students learned about the Pythagorean Theorem and then played a quiz game on it. Others enjoyed a Greek history Jeopardy game, as well as Greek word and card games.

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