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Students Pack 500 Snack Packs for Children in Need in Bergen County

Students at The Elisabeth Morrow School perform random acts of kindness – in and out of school. On a recent Saturday morning, students and families joined together to give back to the local community by assembling 500 snack packs, in conjunction with the Center for Food Action (CFA) in Englewood, to help feed the hungry in Bergen County.
“We had a great turnout for the snack pack event,” says Liza Hards, The Elisabeth Morrow School Director of Auxiliary Programs, who helped organize the event. “It was wonderful to see so many families sharing the experience with their children. It’s a great example of how our school community is deeply committed to helping those around us and learning that service is not just a single action but a lifetime commitment.”
Prior to the event, Lori Oliff, a representative from the CFA, spoke at a school assembly to educate the students on how the non-profit serves neighbors during the weekends and holiday breaks, providing food to children through their snack pack efforts and seniors through Meals on Wheels. 

“CFA’s Weekend Snack Pack Program is designed to provide healthy, kid-friendly, and easy-to-prepare snack foods to children at risk of weekend hunger,” says Oliff.  

As part of a community service-learning project, students also participated in a food drive, sponsored by The Elisabeth Morrow School’s Morrow House Community Service Elective, which led up to the school’s International Food Festival.