A Welcome from the Head of School

What makes a school great? Is it dedicated faculty and staff that are devoted to educating students at an institution whose mission matches their values? Is it a campus where children can take full advantage of the natural world and all it has to teach us? Is it a curriculum that is challenging and comprehensive as well as developmentally appropriate? Or is it students and parents who embody the strength of community in all of its various forms?

At The Elisabeth Morrow School, we believe that all of these attributes fit together perfectly at our unique country day school. And because we are a school that ends in eighth grade, we have purposely created an environment that meets the needs of students at all of the stages of childhood – from three-year-olds entering a school for the first time to emerging adolescents who understand the complexity of the world and their place within it.

I am both a long-time employee and a parent at Elisabeth Morrow. Having both of my daughters attend EMS has taught me so much about the value of a school that focuses solely on these pivotal years. Students here graduate from eighth grade with the self-confidence and skills to enter a challenging secondary school environment successfully. Through their time with us they have developed a sophisticated understanding of themselves as learners, the maturity to take advantage of all that high school has to offer and the passions that will help shape their future educational experience in very meaningful ways.

The lower and middle school years are fleeting, and we appreciate them for the important stages that they are, rather than seeing them as mere stepping stones to the next level of educational attainment. I invite you to visit The Elisabeth Morrow School and see the difference that this can make for your child.

My very best,

Aaron C. Cooper

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