At The Elisabeth Morrow School, Students Can Get Published.

Before they leave Little School for Morrow House, our 5th graders will each have the opportunity to write and publish a work online.

About Language Arts at EMS

Students acquire literacy skills and a love of reading through meaningful experiences with oral language, quality literature, comprehension, and self-expression.

Our youngest students explore language through stories, songs, games, dramatic play, and group discussions. Guided reading groups help lower school students develop the comprehension skills necessary to enjoy, interpret, and compare a variety of literary genres, as well as build stamina and fluency in reading, and students explore a variety of genres, including biographies, poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and cultural folktales. Students learn to organize and express their thoughts clearly and concisely and move from learning to read to reading to learn. As they develop, students practice their writing through an expanding variety of assignments and activities.

By the time they reach middle school, students are able to critically analyze literature and supporting their ideas with examples from the texts during discussions. By the time they graduate, students are able to craft persuasive essays, interpret and analyze literary texts, and appreciate enduring literature.

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