At The Elisabeth Morrow School, Students Can Study marketing.

Restaurant marketing is full of challenges- typography, color, brand, photography and appealing to the customer. Our fourth graders use this project to learn about all these concepts.

About Visual Arts at EMS

At EMS, visual arts learning is woven throughout the curriculum, including our programs focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics).

Our youngest students in Chilton House (Age 2–Kindergarten) are introduced to a variety of performing and visual art genres, techniques, and media and are encouraged to share thoughts or feelings about their own work or the work of others. Exposure to a variety of materials and activities fosters process-based creative experiences and self-expression.

The visual arts curriculum in Little School (Grades 1–4) helps promote visual awareness, foster creative expression, and develop imaginative thinking. The program is designed to introduce students to a variety of art media, techniques, and processes, and the curriculum incorporates the elements of art and principles of design. Art projects are often interdisciplinary in nature, enhancing the learning process in other curricular areas.

In Morrow House (Grades 5–8), visual arts education continues through electives and the middle school STEAM curriculum. Students complete at least one elective in the visual or performing arts over the course of their seventh- and eighth-grade years.

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