At The Elisabeth Morrow School, Students Can Get to know your neighborhood.

Learning empathy for people around you is essential as a building block for a lifetime of community service. Our Early Childhood students experience the neighborhood at EMS by meeting and getting to know the people that keep EMS working. Groundskeepers, administrators, facility staff, and learning about their roles.

About Community Service at EMS

Every student is involved in community service at The Elisabeth Morrow School — even our youngest ones, who are beginning to develop a deeper understanding of their immediate community and how individuals contribute to it through their differences and similarities.

Across all divisions, from Chilton House to Morrow House, our students and their families are invited to share their customs and traditions. We build service-learning opportunities into the curriculum for each grade in Little School, allowing everyone an opportunity to develop empathy, leadership qualities, a sense of responsibility, and an understanding of good citizenship. Further, students are encouraged to develop their own “Passion Projects” to raise awareness for a cause they feel strongly about and educate the community through presentations, fundraisers, and writing campaigns. Each middle school class commits to a yearly service endeavor, and the students frequently suggest and execute their own service projects. In recent years, students have conceptualized and led initiatives in support of local and international causes.

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