Top private school in NJ The Elisabeth Morrow School of Bergen County
The Elisabeth Morrow School offers a unique, comprehensive and rigorous educational experience to its students.

Achievement Meets Character

The Handshake at EMS

At EMS, true success is measured by the achievement and character of our students. We are a leading independent school for Threes to Eighth Grade, serving students from Bergen, Hudson and Rockland counties as well as New York City. See how the pursuit of academic excellence and the 4C’s prepares EMS graduates to be critical thinkers, role models and leaders. Visit our nurturing classrooms and see our innovative STEAM curriculum and nationally renowned music program in action.

We are currently accepting applications in all grades for the 2018-2019 academic year. Register for a tour of our 14-acre campus, or call us at:

201.568.5566 x 7212

Preschool Spotlight: Chilton House

Chilton House is home to EMS' renowned early childhood education program. Learn more about our approach to the Threes and Fours by watching this brief video on Number Sense featuring Tricia Eickelberg, Director of Early Childhood programs.

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Visit our Chilton House page to learn more about the Threes and Fours. Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2018!

Upcoming Events!

EMS Musical Petting Zoo

Event on Sunday, May 20, 1:00-3:00 p.m. for a performance by the EMS orchestra followed by a Musical Petting Zoo has been canceled due to weather.

Contact Us

For more information regarding Admissions or to schedule your tour of The Elisabeth Morrow School, please contact:

Kathleen Visconti

Director of Enrollment Management

Laura Khutorsky

Associate Director of Admissions | Second-Eighth grade

Debra Abitante

Associate Director of Admissions | Threes through First grade

Nyafa McCloggan

Enrollment Management Coordinator
201.568.5566 x7212