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After identifying the immediate needs of the school with the administration and faculty, we decided to focus on three initiatives, out of many, that reflect the interests and passions of the Class of 2021.

Financial Aid. Please help us to offer tuition assistance in 2021-22 to an outstanding student of great promise whose family is struggling due to the pandemic. Without the continued generosity of our donors toward financial aid every year, the academic excellence, traditions, and lifelong friendships for which EMS is known would be missed. And many of the families that are an integral part of our EMS community wouldn't be able to attend.

Cricut Maker ($399) Cricut is a non-industrial die-cutting machine (or cutting plotter) used for a variety of projects. It is the perfect tool for classrooms, art rooms, and maker spaces. The newest Cricut Maker works with hundreds of materials from fabrics to balsa wood. It can cut, write and score material and comes equipped with a rotary blade and knife blade. Think of a vinyl cutter that can do so much more. This machine will have a huge impact on our students learning in Morrow House for years to come.

LilyPad wearable electronics ($49.95–$500) LilyPad is a programmable, electronic, sewable system for creating textiles with an electronic twist. The electronic LilyPad component is programmed and embedded into the textile project using conductive thread. Future students will use this equipment to create interdisciplinary high-tech projects that will be part of their portfolios as they apply to secondary schools, but more importantly, to learn how to create state-of-the-art textiles that can be environmentally friendly as they recycle and upcycle materials. It is the ideal machine for our students to use as they learn rapid prototyping in our innovative Applied Science curriculum.

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