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About Science at EMS

Through our science curriculum, students develop an understanding of and appreciation for the natural and physical world — in our outdoor learning spaces, inside of our labs and classrooms, and in our makerspaces, like Chilton House’s Exploration Alley and Little School’s Innovation Alley.

Hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and design challenges enable students to build skills and understand concepts such as adaptations, properties of matter, and planetary exploration. Students are able to relate their lab experiences to real-world applications, such as compass navigation, weather reporting, invasive species removal, space exploration, and human health. Gradually, students develop independence in the lab and can develop their own methods of investigating and use mathematical patterns to draw conclusions.

In their final year at EMS, students are able to use the principles of chemistry and physics to explain aspects of their everyday lives and can apply their knowledge of chemistry to the living world and explore fundamental laws of physics. Then, using the skills they’ve gained and refined throughout their EMS experience, they investigate the big question: “What is life?”

Science activities to try at EMS

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