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About Technology at EMS

At The Elisabeth Morrow School, technology is woven into all subject areas, as appropriate, to augment learning and allow students to create, design, and access information in new ways. Additionally, each division has specific spaces set aside for the exploration of how technology intersects with learning.

Students make use of Exploration Alley, a library, science, and technology space specifically for our Early Childhood and Kindergarten programs and Innovation Alley for our Little School (Grades 1–4) students, as well as a makerspace in Morrow House (Grades 5–8).

Beginning in Little School, students engage in complex uses of technology and begin to develop an understanding of good digital citizenship. We explore media literacy, research, and design skills, media production, app or game development, as well as personalized technology learning goals.

In Morrow House, students use a vast array of tools and resources and focus on building essential technology skills, multiple literacies, and online safety practices. Students explore, design, and create, using various software and hardware, with the ultimate goal of being the ability to navigate, adapt, and be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Technology activities to try at EMS

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