Top private school in NJ The Elisabeth Morrow School of Bergen County
The Elisabeth Morrow School's shared purpose is to provide exemplary academics and character development in a diverse and inclusive child-centered community, inspiring students to become curious scholars, ethical leaders, and global citizens.

Every school has its own culture and nomenclature, and here at EMS we are no different! Please refer to this page as well as our Traditions page, and you'll soon learn all there is to know about what makes EMS unique!

Advisors/advisory program - Our middle school is departmentalized in sixth, seventh and eighth grade, and students have different teachers for different subjects. Advisors act as "the hub" for your children, see them daily, and are also the adults with whom you have parent/teacher conferences. The advisory program allows for the facilitation of social-emotional learning, community building and service projects.

After School Adventures — Our after-school enrichment program.

APPLETREE — A magazine published by the school twice yearly, it features news about current curricular initiatives as well as alumni news.

Apple Tree — Our school symbol.

The Apple Tree Fund — Every annual gift to the Apple Tree Fund helps to provide transformative student experiences and to build a sustainable future for EMS. Your gift supports our children in becoming curious scholars, ethical leaders, and global citizens.

AppleTree Song — Our school song.

Assembly Dress — The appropriate attire for Morrow House students for middle school assemblies on Friday, this includes jacket and tie and dresses/skirts or dress pants.

Chilton House (CH) — Named after Constance Chilton, Head of School for almost 50 years until 1981, this building holds the classrooms for the threes, fours and kindergarten program as well as the admissions offices and the nurses station.

Cohen Center — For physical education, assemblies, and musical performances, it is across the courtyard from Little School. It was dedicated in 2001 in memory of Michael E. Cohen, ’68.

Early Childhood Division - this division contains our threes and fours and is housed in Chilton House.

EMS Eagles — The name for our sports teams, which was chosen by Morrow House students.

Friday Meeting - A meeting where middle school students review the Weekly Memo and any changes in schedule for the upcoming week.

Homeroom teachers - All EMS students are in classrooms with one homeroom teacher in first through fifth grade, and two homeroom teachers in the threes, fours and kindergarten.

International Food Festival — Held every other year in the Peter Lawrence Gymkhana, this celebration of food representing the many cultures of EMS’ families is a wildly popular and anticipated event.

Little School (LS) — Contains classrooms for first through fourth grade and the development office. The Elisabeth Morrow School was called The Little School until after its namesake’s death. The original Little School was on Lincoln Avenue in Englewood.

Lower School - Our lower school, contains kindergarten through fourth grade. It is often confused with Little School which is the building that houses first through fourth grade. Our kindergarten classrooms are in Chilton House and the remainder of our lower school is in Little School.

Middle School - This division starts in fifth grade at The Elisabeth Morrow School, and is housed in Morrow House.

Morrow House (MH) — Is home to fifth through eighth grade, which is our middle school as well as administrative offices. It is named after the Morrow family who were the original residents. Dwight Morrow was Elisabeth’s father.

Peter Lawrence Gymkhana — The gym attached to Morrow House. Originally a platform for year-round outdoor exercise, it is named after an alumnus.

Russell Berrie Music Room - This meeting room in Morrow House is used for music classes, as a lunch room and for large family meetings.

Summer Explorations — Our summer program with a variety of day camp and specialty offerings.

Summer String Festival — An audition-only weeklong summer program for young musicians.

Wednesday Envelope (password protected) — Our weekly newsletter, issued to families on Wednesdays at 6 a.m. and always available on our website. This should be families’ first stop for important information about what is happening at school.

Weekly Memo - For middle school (fifth through eighth grade) students, this provides guidance/scheduling announcements for the week ahead.