Dear Families,

One of the things that make The Elisabeth Morrow School so special is its active parent body that supports the school and each other. Our Parents Association (PA) strives to maintain a strong partnership between each family and the faculty and administration while also encouraging friendships and connection amongst our community.

We do this by providing vibrant programming and social opportunities supported by our fundraising efforts. It is our hope that everyone will participate in some way that suits their schedule and lifestyle – whether it’s spending 10 minutes helping in car line, reading books to students in the Chilton House library or organizing part of the Book Fair. We encourage everyone to read the Wednesday Envelope, a push email newsletter, which you will receive in your inbox weekly, to keep you apprised of our many events such as our adult speaker series lectures, book club meetings, community service drives and more.

Please take a moment to peruse the volunteer sign-up form and sign up for the committees that interest you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us. We are eager to help and get you involved.

Best wishes,

Melanie Weinraub
PA President

2018-2019 Parents Association Officers

Melanie Weinraub

Executive Vice President
Shabri Mitta

Morrow House Vice President
Neeta Ogden

Little School Vice President
Gia Alvarez

Chilton House Vice President
Candace Gonzalez

Jon Rustin

Michelle Margolin

Communications Rep

Nikanna Roussou

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