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The decision to close or delay the start of school is made by the Head of School and requires a balancing act that takes into consideration the predicted weather at both the beginning and end of the school day, the condition of the roads in the early morning, the need of parents to fulfill their own obligations and the importance of school routines for all children.

These are the general procedures we follow during inclement weather:

  • If we decide to close or delay the start of school you will be notified no later than 6 a.m. Further, we will try to notify you in the evening if the decision is clear-cut so that you have time to plan for childcare.
  • You will receive that notification on the telephone numbers that you have given the school for emergencies. You will also receive an email, and the information will be posted on our website.
  • We do not directly follow local school closing patterns, so please check our website or your email to see if EMS is closed or delayed.
  • If the school is open, we generally try to keep it open for the full day; nevertheless, we will call for delayed openings or early closings should weather or driving conditions warrant this action.
  • If there is a delayed opening or early closing bus departure and arrival times will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If the school has a delayed opening, it will open at 10 a.m., and children should not be dropped off before that time. There is no Early Birds childcare on these mornings.
  • If the school is open, we may still cancel after-school activities or evening events based on the weather, and we will notify you of such a decision via email by early afternoon at the latest.

The safety of our students and those driving to school is always our first priority, and we will close the school should conditions warrant.  Due to the wide range of locales from which families travel to school, we also encourage all families to use their own best judgment and not attempt to come to school should that prove to be dangerous. That said, we limit school closings as much as possible.