Welcome new families -- we are glad to have you with us! We know that starting a new school can be overwhelming, so we have bundled some resources together all on this one page to make the transition easier. If you have any questions about this, or anything else on the website or Family Portal, please contact Brian Kaplan, director of marketing and communications.

Want to see the special events we have to welcome you to the school? Please view our Welcome Brochure.

Log In Information

Once your child has been enrolled in EMS, we will send you a letter with information to help you access the Family Portal and myEMS, which is the platform that families use to complete their child's health forms. Both platforms enable families to access important information about what is going on in school, as well as information about your child's classroom and school performance (progress reports). Families who have not received the login letter within one week of enrolling or who have questions about logging in should contact Brian Kaplan, Director of Communications.

Transportation Reimbursement Forms

Families may be eligible for reimbursement for transportation to school through your local school district. To apply for district reimbursement for the 2019-2020 school year, you must download this form, complete it, and return it to Gloria Hall for processing and forwarding to your local district as soon as possible.

If you have any questions concerning your family’s eligibility, please call your local Board of Education. Please contact Brian Kaplan if you have questions about this form.


Start Your Child's Health Forms Here!

Our school uses Magnus Health, which can be reached without an additional log in once you have signed into the Family Portal. Please note that there can be specific health requirements if you child is new to the U.S. and these must be fulfilled before your child enters school. Please contact  Betsy Tyras, the nurse for the threes through fourth grade or Desere Diaz, the nurse for fifth through eighth grade, for more information about this requirement as soon after your child enrolls as possible. If you are enrolling starting in the 2019-2020 school year, you will receive notifications for when your forms are ready right before the summer break.

Wednesday Envelope

Our weekly newsletter is the quickest way to find out what's going on right now! Back issues are also available. It is password protected so you can access it in the Family Portal.

Traditions and Glossary

Wondering what a Cocoa Party is or what happens at the Festival of the Arts? And what's a Gymkhana anyway? Check out our Traditions page and our EMS Glossary page to gain an understanding of the things that make EMS unique.

Dress Codes and School Supplies

Our divisional dress codes and school supply lists can be found here.


Find all important guidelines and information for families as well as the Middle School Handbook here.

Middle School Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) Program

Beginning in fifth grade, our middle school students bring their own laptops to use in school each day.

Please complete our online form to indicate whether or not you will be providing your child’s laptop.

The laptops serve as a vital tool to augment the curriculum and help students integrate technology into their academic lives ethically and effectively. From the writing and research in homeroom classes to world language software, students benefit from having laptops at their fingertips each day. Beyond these examples, we have identified the following critical goals for the 1:1 laptop program:

  • Teachers and students will have immediate access to tools that further enrich and enhance learning.
  • Teachers will have the ability to further differentiate their instructional practices.
  • Students will continue developing the skills necessary to thrive in our increasingly digital world.

The program will continue as a “Bring Your Own Laptop” (BYOL) program where each student uses his or her own personal laptop. We have found great success with the BYOL model. Students’ sense of ownership is evident every day as they take very good care of and are able to customize their own laptops. We ask that families provide a current, though not necessarily new, laptop. While we do not have specific requirements for the types of laptops that are brought in there are a few essential things to note. Since this is an essential tool for use everyday, it is imperative that it be in good working order. It must be able to connect to a current wireless network. It also must have a standard USB port or an adapter that allows for a USB cable or device to be plugged in. If you are providing a laptop that has a USB-C port, you will need to provide an adaptor to standard USB as students may need to plug in items like USB flash drives. If a family is unable to provide a laptop, EMS is prepared to provide that child with one. The provided laptops are already owned by EMS and repurposed for use in this program.

Frequently asked questions about the program

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Back to School Information 2019-2020

The August Packet, which includes useful information for the school year (such as school start and end times, our lunch program, etc), will be available to families by August 20th. Please look for an e-mail with this information.


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