A generous community of family and friends ensures that students receive a competitive 21st-century education that extends far beyond the classroom.

The Apple Tree Fund Q&A

What is the Apple Tree Fund?

The Apple Tree Fund is the major fundraising priority of our school each year and the primary way that parents can support our school through their tax-deductible gifts. Last year, The Fund provided over $739,000 of the School’s operating budget. Like all independent schools, Elisabeth Morrow is reliant on annual gifts to help close the gap of $3,000 between the full cost of providing our exceptional education and tuition revenue.

Where Does the Money Go?

Apple Tree Fund gifts enhance our programs and support the daily life of the School in so many important ways. They provide students with the latest technology, help us maintain and enhance our beautiful campus, and allow us to offer our faculty innovative professional development so that they can deliver the high quality academic program for which Elisabeth Morrow is known. Every student, including your own, is affected by your contribution.

Who Supports the Apple Tree Fund?

Ideally everyone in the Elisabeth Morrow community --- parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alums, faculty, staff and friends ---will contribute to The Apple Tree Fund this year. Last year, 81 percent of our parents participated. Our goal this year is 100 percent participation. Not only is participation important in terms of raising money, but it is also an important signal to those inside and outside of our school that we are a strong and supportive community that believes deeply in the education Elisabeth Morrow provides.

What is the Morrow Society?

The Morrow Society recognizes donors who give to The Apple Tree Fund at a leadership level of $3,500 and above. Every year we strive to welcome new members to the Society. The extraordinary generosity of these leaders sustains the distinctive programs that make EMS the special place that it is. Donors of $12,500 or more become members of the Head's Council.

May donations be made at any time? May I pay in installments?

Donations are welcome at any time. We greatly appreciate pledges being made at the beginning of the year for budgetary planning purposes. Installments are welcome with final pledge payments due prior to June 15.

What is a matching gift?

You can make your gift to EMS even more powerful by participating in your employer’s matching gift program. Simply ask your company if it has a matching gift program, complete the forms and enclose it with your gift. This may double or even triple the amount of your gift to EMS.
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