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The Latest EMS News · 01 May 2021

Class Notes


ANNE MOLONEY BLACK ’57 is delighted to be the Class Captain for EMS Class of ‘57. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Stephen, and would be happy for a call from any visitors post-pandemic.

BETSY MUHLFELD INGRAM ’57 is living in Gloucester, Mass., and has one daughter in Beverly, Mass., and one in Chicago. She has spent most of her life teaching young children and now enjoys playing the piano, gardening, kayaking and old friends. “It’s pretty amazing we were together at EMS over 60 years ago,” she says. “I love my memories of EMS and know it was the perfect place to begin!”

SUSAN ALFORD POZDENA ’57, who has been retired for 12 years from Kaiser Permanente, has been married for 43 years. Both she and her husband come from the New York City area, met in the Bay Area, and have been living in Portland, Ore., for 30 years. They have two sons in their 30s and one granddaughter. “Retirement has been wonderfully busy and enriching,” she says, adding that she hopes all her classmates are doing well.

BETSY HINTON BEERS ’69 and her husband, Howard, are living in Pennsylvania. Their middle son, Daniel, is heading with his wife to the Ph.D. program at Villanova for fall 2021, and their daughter, Esther, is heading to Temple for her Master of Social Work degree after she graduated this spring from University of Valley Forge. Their oldest, Josh, already lives and works as a high school teacher in Philadelphia. “Almost empty nesters!” she says.


MEREDITH HALPERN ’73 writes: Oh, what a night! Twenty-seven members of the Class of 1973, many of whom hadn’t seen one another since graduation in the Gymkhana 48 (gasp!) years ago, reconnected on Feb. 11 via Zoom. Meredith Halpern ‘73, along with fellow Class Captain Ken Chiang, tracked classmates down through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Friends from across the country (including California, Washington, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Vermont) joined the virtual reunion and laughed, reminisced, and made a valiant attempt to sing the Apple Tree song (shout-out to HENRY SCHWARZ for leading that charge).

The two-hour reunion proved not to be enough time for some. Four hours and 27 minutes after people first logged on, the late-night revelers, DAVID SOLOW, JONATHAN SILVER, STEPHEN BEER, MARIN COSMAN, ALEXANDRA PIERSON, and KEN CHIANG, finally said goodnight.

KEN CHIANG ’73 says it was great fun to catch up with more than half the Class of ‘73 at the Zoom reunion and at the 90th Anniversary Gala and Auction. “What a hoot. Can’t wait to see everyone in person someday at EMS!”

JACKIE DEANGELIS ’92 is working as an anchor at Fox Business covering the intersection of business and politics and what it means for every investor’s American Dream.

RACHEL PIAZZA ’92 was scheduled for a very exciting DJ tour, which included Athens, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, and Bogota, before the pandemic. “I’ll feel very lucky when that gets rescheduled,” she says. “While the current global crisis has put a complete halt on my professional life, it’s afforded me the opportunity to slowly integrate into my new home city of Berlin. There are countless parks and expansive woods within city limits. It’s been a really manageable place to endure lockdown.”

The Class of 2007 had an 90th Anniversary Gala and Auction after-party on Zoom with JULIE EMRA, POLINA KASPAROVA, ADAM KIRSCH, VIKRAM KUMAR, KARA LESSIN, and JULIA RUSSELL.

Four smiling female Elizabeth Morrow alumnae  wearing summer dresses and graduation tassels

KATIE ANDERSON, MAXINE MUSTO, ELLE ABITANTE, and OLIVIA MARTIN, all 2013 EMS GRADUATES, at their 2021 Franklin & Marshall College graduation on Saturday, May 15, 2021. Photo submitted by ADRIENNE BUDA ANDERSON ’79.

GRACE CHARLES ’20 has been having a wonderful time at Pomfret School in Connecticut and thanks everyone at EMS for making her who she is today. She is one of the heads of the Diversity and Equity Program at Pomfret and leads the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network’s “Day of Silence” at her school. She misses everyone terribly.


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