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The Latest EMS News · 01 May 2021

PS Committees Spearhead Virtual Speaker Series

“To do our best to continue the PA’s goals of addressing issues of interest, providing parent education, creating social opportunities, and helping connect families, several of our PA committees brought outside speakers in to engage and bring us together during the 2021–2022 school year,” says PA Green Committee Member Lauren Camarinos ‘96, P’27, ‘29.

Stefanie Dunnigan, a white woman with long straight dark hair who is smiling

On Feb. 15, our Health & Wellness Committee sponsored a free class on Managing the Unknown: Learning Skills to Stay Resilient, where participants evaluated the effectiveness of their current coping skills, identified the methods that work for them, and learned some possible new strategies to try in the future. Stefanie Dunnigan, a motivational speaker who teaches classes about mindfulness and meditation as part of the Rodgers Family Meditation Program at the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine in Englewood Hospital, led the class.

Tonia Spence, a smiling Black woman looking off to the side with short curly dark hair

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee hosted clinician, educator, presenter, and advocate Tonia M. Spence, LCSW, M.S. Ed., who led a two-part parenting workshop entitled Raising Global Leaders: Race, Racism and Parenting (Part 1 and Part 2). Participants worked on developing a shared language and reflecting on one’s own cultural and racial identities and experiences, how they may have shaped us, and how they may affect how we raise our children.

Amanda Lindner, a smiling young white woman  with long wavy auburn hair

In a nod to Earth Day, the PA’s Green Committee organized a online screening of the 11-minute documentary Unplastic Girl followed by a talk with the star Amanda Lindner. Lindner has been living a zero-waste lifestyle in Brooklyn, N.Y., since 2018, and she shared her story and tips for how we can all reduce our carbon footprints. Pro tip: Start with refusing single-use plastics, and carry your own set of reusable containers, utensils, and straws!

“Although we were unable to meet in person together, the PA continues to provide ways of helping parents cultivate an EMS-endorsed growth mindset with lifelong learning,” says PA Green Committee member Sofia Avilés P’23, ‘27.

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