The Latest EMS News · 01 May 2021

Spring Snapshots 2021

Puzzle map of Africa
Fifth-grader Jayce and his family are committed to learning more about every country in Africa. “It’s a powerful exercise for us for many reasons,” says his mom.
Why do volcanoes erupt? Our sixth-graders researched active volcanos and learned about the science of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions, then made
a scaled model, sharing their building process through creative videos.
Young student dressed as explorer Henry Hudson
Little School student Arabelle dressed as Henry Hudson for a third-grade Early Explorers project. Students studied early explorers, then chose one to research and emulate during a discussion, sharing their experiences and challenges.
Three young women dressed in purple in the snow in front of a brick building
Morrow House students wore purple in honor of International Women’s Day, which celebrates women’s achievements and raises awareness about women’s equality.
Young students experimenting with chemicals in plastic cups on red trays in a classroom
To celebrate Earth Day, our Morrow House fifth-graders read a Scholastic “SuperScience” article about the water pollution caused by dyeing blue jeans. The students then tested different chemicals in the lab to determine which substances are soluble in water and which are not.
Food truck in front of luxury store Bulgari
APRIL SNAPSHOT Congratulations to eighth-grader Julianna Dail, who won silver in the national 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! Dail took this photo “because the expensive store paired with the food truck was an interesting sight,” she says. She used the online photo editor Pixlr to edit it and named it “The Poor Food Truck.” To view all the award winners, visit
Groups of students outside on nature walk
Our fifth-graders ventured out around campus to document the changes in early spring, while our remote students went for a nature walk close to their home or watched a video of a walk around our beautiful 14-acre campus.
Young boy kneeling by tree next to small fairy house
To learn about sustainability and respect for nature, our first-graders each planned, designed, and built a little “fairy house” for the EMS campus. Once finished, the students went out into the forest and left their creative and artistic little houses for their “fairy” and animal friends.

Group of people outside on sports field raising arms to sky
To create the magic of live theater, the Morrow House Zoomsical cast filmed their dancing and vocals on our Community Field with the help of Theater Director Alex Diaz and Choreographer Rebecca Sonia. Students began rehearsals on Zoom in early March to bring this musical showcase to life! Musical numbers included a celebration of EMS musicals of the past.
Two young students posed with their dodecahedron model
Kindergarten students in Chilton House figure out how to take a 3-dimensional object (a piece of paper) and transform it into a different 3-dimensional object (a dodecahedron). Literally, a multi-dimensional learning experience!

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