An engaging and comprehensive curriculum combines imagination, collaboration and critical thinking with a focus on cooperation, consideration, compassion and courtesy.

A Superior Academic Foundation

The Elisabeth Morrow School is comprised of three programs: Early Childhood (threes and fours), Lower School (kindergarten through fourth grade) and Middle School (fifth through eighth grade).

We combine personal attention, knowledge of each student and individual support with a broad, accessible program that inspires and challenges students. Throughout the academic and co-curricular program, students work on engaging, participatory projects that require creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Character education, as embodied in the 4 C’s (courtesy, consideration, cooperation, and compassion), is integral to the school because it is such an important quality in the development of citizens.

Contact Us

For more information on academic programs, please contact:

Aaron Cooper

Head of School
201.568.5566 x7103

Paul Baly
Middle School Head
201.568.5566 x7102

Beth Anne Brennan
Lower School Head
201.568.5566 x7203

Tricia Eickelberg
Director of Early Childhood Programs
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Michele Bower
Director of Curriculum and Secondary School Placement
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