Top private school in NJ The Elisabeth Morrow School of Bergen County
The Elisabeth Morrow School's shared purpose is to provide exemplary academics and character development in a diverse and inclusive child-centered community, inspiring students to become curious scholars, ethical leaders, and global citizens.

The early years of a student’s education are among the most crucial because they set the stage for future success. The new 2s program, starting in fall 2020, is designed to precede the learning experiences offered in the 3s program. The 2s program includes a full-day, which is crucial to providing our youngest students with an enriched experience that integrates both active and restorative periods with specialized learning. The program was created in a way that recognizes both age-typical focus and stamina. Classrooms will encourage exploration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

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The curriculum for the 3s and 4s program incorporates extensive literacy and mathematics activities as well as social studies, science, music, art, and physical education. Our programs for 3s and 4s open young children’s naturally inquisitive minds to learning possibilities, encouraging their curiosity and creative growth, along with their language, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth.

Our kindergarten classrooms ensure appropriate curricular continuity with our early childhood program. In addition to two head teachers who provide differentiated instruction, students make use of the science lab in Little School and also use our 14-acre campus as a classroom for environmental science. Our Math in Focus curriculum emphasizes activities to develop number sense and a deeper understanding of a productive community is the foundation of the social studies curriculum. Students continue their study of Spanish. Integrated technology, utilizing a wide range of tools, supports learning and creativity at all levels while students are introduced to basic design, programming, and computing practices. Field trips are offered to support the curriculum and students participate in weekly gatherings to strengthen community and character and build upon the 4 C’s — courtesy, consideration, cooperation, and compassion — that are keystone values of our school.

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Early Childhood and Kindergarten Program Distinctions