An engaging and comprehensive curriculum combines imagination, collaboration and critical thinking with a focus on cooperation, consideration, compassion and courtesy.

Fine and Performing Arts

The arts are an important part of student life at The Elisabeth Morrow School, and we believe artistic expression is essential to every student's education. Our youngest students sing, play music and explore a variety of arts activities daily. Older children learn both technical details of, and appreciation for, the arts. Our students work in our ceramics studio, perform in plays, musicals and choral groups and play in a variety of orchestras, concerts and jazz bands.

One of the things that has always set The Elisabeth Morrow School apart is our emphasis on instrumental music. We are so passionate about music because we believe that the habits of mind developed through learning to play an instrument are numerous and have lifelong benefits.

Third and fourth grade students begin instrumental music instruction four days per week with a choice of several instruments. In middle school the majority of students participate in at least one musical ensemble, while others have enhanced instruction in music theory, composition, multimedia music collaborations, and music history.

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