Remote Learning at The Elisabeth Morrow School

As we continue to embrace remote learning, we appreciate all of your thoughtful feedback. Together, we are creating a stronger EMS!

Ali really misses her teachers and classmates. Remote learning has been a great opportunity for her to connect with everyone.

—Lillian Pien, Chilton House Family


We wanted to thank you and the entire Little School faculty for making remote learning so seamless and enjoyable for the kids. Avi absolutely loves it and is learning a lot. EMS is truly an amazing institution!

—Amrit Agrawal, Little School Family

It has been great to see Eva perform "in school" and take ownership and responsibility of her experience. The technological set-up was easy for us and her teachers seem to have adapted to the situation very well.

—Gail Wilkins, Morrow House Family

Google meets with the whole class are amazing and so helpful. The whole experience has been truly incredible and we are so grateful to all of you.

—Michelle Margolin, Little School Family

We would like to say thank you to each and every member of the faculty and staff who have taken the initiative to continue the academic enrichment for our children. Secondly, the team's willingness to constantly gain our feedback makes us feel very comfortable with the approach. We all want our children to succeed and it's great for the community to be united in this effort.

—Sumeet Chordia, Little School Family

Thank you to everyone who gave up Spring Break to prepare EMS for Remote Learning. Even as you strive for improvement, I appreciate all that you have already done for EMS students.

 —Emily Chang, Morrow House Family

I just want to say how blown away I am by the clearly monumental and genuine efforts you [Ms. Lowell and Ms. Su] have made in order to create an online learning platform for your students that is still grounded in your highest educational values and ideals. Your presence in Leo’s life at this time has been instrumental in helping him feel a sense of engagement, security, and normalcy, and for that, I am grateful beyond words. The opportunity to see you interacting with your students, and with Leo, with such intentional attunement and commitment to your values and vision (that I otherwise would not have gotten) can some days bring me to tears.

—Olivia and Mikkel Matsoukas, Chilton House Family

EMS remote learning and communications have been remarkable in keeping us engaged and connected to the school and its communities. Elina enjoys online classes with her teachers and friends. We, as a whole family, get to see and participate in Elina's daily class activities through Seesaw. It is very clear that our teachers put in much thoughtful and creative efforts to make the remote classes and activities experiential and interactive. We sometimes invite our families and friends in other states or countries to see Elina's school work remotely. It is also wonderful to see EMS traditions continue through technology. We thank you for making all this possible!

—Annie Lee, Little School Family

Nadeem and I wanted to reach out and let you know how much we appreciate the hard work of the EMS community getting online classes up and running. The teachers have done a great job this week! Although they are often who we think of first we know it has taken a team – so a big thank you to teachers, staff, technology, communications, support staff, and administration!   

—Amie AbuRustum, Morrow House Family


Feedback Needed

We are asking our families to provide feedback based on their children's remote learning experience so far. Please complete one survey per child. Your feedback will help us make informed decisions about how best to adjust our remote learning program. 

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