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How to Get Additional Information

While we have tried to be exhaustive in this plan (and admire the tenacity of those parents who’ve read it end to end), the EMS staff acknowledges that there will be questions and unique circumstances we have not yet detailed here. 

The EMS community has many resources for finding additional information. 

First, we want to be abundantly clear: the entire EMS staff stands ready to help your family experience success this school year. Call on any of us as you see fit, and we are here to help. Please remember that we are actively working remotely, and are engaged in day-long meetings on a daily basis that start early and often end very late as we prepare for the school year. Email is your best course for response, and please allow us 24-48 hours to respond. 

We’ve assembled an FAQ of questions you might still have, and will continue to add to the FAQ as well as this document in whole, as we learn more through your questions.

You can view our presentation slides from our Aug. 13 roundtable here and Q&As from Sept. 10 here.

Frequently Asked Questions