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3 Tracks

With the goal of a continuous, seamless educational experience that allows all students to return to academic rigor and social engagement, we’ve spent the summer designing three possibilities for our students. 

Track 1: On-Campus

Track 2: Remote

Track 3: Flex

Track 1: On-Campus - Students in all grades come to campus every day, five days a week, for a full schedule day, which may include before and after care and extracurricular activities. 

Track 2: Remote - For students age 3s-8th Grade, students may continue as remote through the 2020 year on a case-by-case basis, in hopes of returning to campus permanently when the pandemic is over.

Track 3: Flex - For all students in all grades, remote online schooling on a temporary basis when individuals, classes, or the school need to quarantine.  Students return to campus when quarantine is over. 


Which Track is Right for My Family? 

We hope that each family starts with the goal of having their children on-campus. We know that in most cases, in-person learning is the best thing. Children are social beings that need to be with each other, not in video. 

We recognize that every family is struggling right now with the balance of safety in their lives, and each family has different circumstances. 

If your child or a family member is at higher risk and a remote learning environment would be better suited to them right now, they will still benefit greatly from the programs we have designed for the coming school year. We’ve learned a great deal, as has the education community, from the spring. If you feel this situation describes you, we’ll detail how to communicate your needs to your Division Head here. 

We designed the third Track, Flex, to acknowledge the reality that as we move into this unchartered territory, there may be circumstances that require members of our community to quarantine for 14 days, either due to travel, contact tracing, or showing symptoms. In fact, entire classes may have to quarantine (or “Flex” as you’ll come to know it), and the city or state may at some point dictate that the entire EMS community goes to Flex.

What’s important to know is that we have planned for all possible outcomes, so that when you Flex, your child does not lose academic ground or social growth. We aim to provide as seamless an experience as possible.  

While On-Campus and Flex are offered to everyone, we will not offer Track 2:Remote to age 2 classroom (Chilton House). This means that children in this classroom must choose to be on campus. If they must Flex for any period of time, we’ll provide highly individualized learning and care for them online in anticipation of them returning to school. Still, they may not elect to be Remote full time. 


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