2020-2021 School Policies

2020-2021 School Policies

Physical Education

COVID-19 has introduced more technology into our daily life. As a result, EMS is committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of Track, exercise as part of their daily routine. The benefits of exercise go far beyond the physical; at EMS we highly value social and emotional health. Regular exercise is a proven factor in mental health outcomes.

We are still evaluating which, if any, school sports teams we will be able to maintain this year, in addition to Track and Field.

To keep everyone safe, PE focuses primarily on individual exercises, rather than those that involve shared equipment. The gym is clearly marked with social distancing. The outdoors will be made use of whenever possible for both PE and recess.

While children won't be able to use locker rooms, on days they have PE, children may come to school in their PE clothes. Please refer to the dress code for a list of accepted standards for PE attire.


In Little School and Morrow House, lunches are eaten in the classroom, at student's desks. In Chilton House, each child has their own tray and a number of options for where to sit. When weather permits, students sit outside, while maintaining social distance.

Snacks will be prepared centrally and delivered to each classroom by the Cohort staff. Additional refrigerators have been installed to maintain the snacks within each division.

Students bringing lunch from home should pack it in a container bearing their name. Our school emphasizes good nutrition. We ask that gum, candy, and soda are not included in school lunches. We also ask that, as an allergy aware school, lunches not include tree nut and peanut products. There can be no provisions for heating lunches brought from home.

For families that would prefer the school to provide lunch, it will now be delivered to the classroom directly and distributed by the Cohort teaching staff. Sanitizing hands and spaces before lunch will take place in all divisions.


EMS has made a major investment in both hardware and software to better aid our efforts this year. Following CDC guidelines Students are no longer sharing devices in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms have assigned one iPad per child. In addition to being used to augment the curriculum, these iPads will go home if there is reason to believe that Flex is imminent. In third grade, students are assigned Chromebooks. In fourth grade, students are assigned MacBook Airs. The Chromebooks and Macbook Airs do not go home at night with the students. They will be sent home if there is reason to believe that Flex is imminent.

Students approved for Track 2: Remote, can pick up their devices to use at home for learning.

Additionally, if Chilton House Flexes, we will provide iPads to our threes and fours as well. This will contribute to a smooth set up for remote learning.

We have also provided headsets to students from Kindergarten through fourth grade.

Our fifth-through eighth-grade students will continue using their own devices as part of our Bring Your Own Laptop program. We, as an institution, have provided devices when a family cannot, and will continue to do so. Contact Sarah Rolle about any needs.

We have added software, as noted above, to obtain Health Questionnaires from our parents, daily. The SchoolPass app also allows families to manage transportation and before and after care and can also help us with contact tracing, when necessary.

Continual technology improvements to remote learning is a priority, and in progress upgrades include NEAT BAR Systems being deployed in 5 & 6 classrooms, and other select rooms in Morrow House.

As an institution, we are invested in the Google Suite of products, and as such, will use Google Classroom for our Remote and Flex Tracks.

Shared Materials

Great thought and planning have gone into acquiring all the materials each classroom needs to ensure that students are not sharing materials. Whether iPads or scissors or instruments, EMS has put in the effort to ensure that most materials will not pass from student to student.

Where appropriate, bins have been purchased to help students maintain their supplies and belongings safely.

Visitors on Campus

Beginning the first day of school, parents of children age 4 and older will no longer be allowed to escort children into or out of school. This means that when children are dropped off, parents do not exit the car.

Due to this rule, students must remember all their items for the day, as dropping forgotten items later is no longer an option. EMS always has backup supplies on hand, but please be sure each day to send your child with all items they'll need throughout the school day.

Generally, visitors are prohibited from entering campus to protect the community. If there is a need for an adult to be on campus, they will need to schedule that ahead of time with the front office, and all safety protocols will be in place: masks, distancing, thermal scanning.

EMS facilities occasionally need outside vendors on campus. Under those circumstances, they will work to ensure the vendors are not in the same spaces as the students and will have undergone the same protocols as everyone else.

A side benefit of the additional staff in each Cohort and division is the unlikely need for substitute teachers, reducing the number of people that come into contact with the students. In most cases, existing staff can fill in.


Siblings are no longer allowed to escort each other between divisions. Each child needs to be picked up from their division directly. In cases where both siblings are in the same division, accommodations may be made. Please see details regarding each division for more information.

If someone in the household has a positive COVID-19 test result, the individual must self-isolate and all members of the household will need to quarantine. Please refer to Quarantine and Self-Isolation Policies.


While waiting for the bus, students are expected to wear masks and maintain social distance.

The bus will board from the back to the front. Students are no longer able to choose their seat. This is done to reduce contact.

Mini-buses hold a maximum of 9 students (unless there are siblings). There is only one student per seat unless you are riding with a sibling. Masks are to be worn and windows will be open at all times.

As always, adults are present on the bus, and help maintain the policies.

Drop-off and Pickup

Chilton House

Please note the following drop-off and pickup times for 2020-2021:
2s and 3s: 8:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m
4s and K: 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

This change will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, 1/19.

For morning arrival, we are asking our 2s and 3s families to drop off at their classroom's patio doors instead of entering the building through the main entrance. 

A teacher will take your child's temperature at the patio door. 

For afternoon dismissal, 3s will continue to use the carline, and 2s families should walk to the 2s patio door for pick-up.

We continue to request that only one family member escorts his/her child to the building, and that everyone remains distanced and masked while on campus. 

Arrival/Dismissal times will remain the same. 

In the case of siblings within Chilton House, an assistant will escort one child to the other so they may be picked up together.

Little School

This year parents may not escort their child to class or leave the car during drop-off. If driving, come through the Lydecker Street parking lot to the entrance of Little School. Bus riders are dropped curbside on Lydecker Street as well. A school administrator or staff member is stationed on Lydecker Street during drop-off to welcome each child to school. Children exit the car with their masks already on. Temperatures are taken at the entrances of their classrooms. Children enter and exit through their Cohort classroom patio door directly instead of through common entries and hallways. Doors to the classroom are held open.

If children have a temperature that exceeds 100.0 degrees, they are asked to go home, or they'll be moved to the nurses office to be isolated, and a parent will be called to pick them up.

Pickup continues to be timed as always, starting at 3 p.m. and ending at 3:30 p.m.:

3:00 p.m.-2nd grade
3:10 p.m.- 1st grade
3:20 p.m.- 3rd grade
3:30 p.m.- 4th grade

All children are picked up from the carline, not at the classroom. Please arrive at campus on time, and have your child(ren's) car line sign positioned on the passenger's side of the dashboard for easy visibility. Students are escorted from the building to the Lydecker dismissal area and guided safely into their cars. While we know this is specific, it's also necessary to ensure a smooth process that protects everyone's safety, including staff. So please remember, parents may not exit the car, so make preparations before you arrive on campus. Be sure the vehicle's passenger side seat is clear so staff may escort your child into the car, from the curb, swiftly and safely. Children have masks on as they leave the classroom, and may remove them only once they are in their parent's car.

In the case of siblings who are members of Little School, an assistant escorts one child to the other so they may be picked up together, at the latest assigned pickup time (ie: if you have a child in first grade and another in third grade, your pickup time is 3:15 p.m. and you may pick up both children at that time). Per school policy, you must pick up each sibling from each division separately, siblings may no longer go from one division to another.

Morrow House

Drop-off remains in the same location as last year but parents may not escort their child to class or leave the car during drop-off. Children exit the car, with their masks already on, and have their temperatures taken by a member of staff. Assuming they do not have a temperature, they then proceed to the appropriate entry. Grades 5 and 6 will enter Morrow House from the exterior doors. Grade 5 enters directly into the newly renovated fifth- and sixth-grade wing and grade 6 by the library. Grade 7 enters near the Mexican Corridor. Grade 8 students who are arriving before 7:50 enter the Library through the doors closest to the Courtyard. After 7:50 a.m. they use the main door to Morrow House. Once the school day begins, students will enter through the main door, check-in, and head to their assigned classrooms.

The following locations are used by students in the before care program. Grade 5 is in M20. Grade 6 is in M3. Grade 7 is in M9. Grade 8 is in the Library.

At the appropriate time, students leave the before care locations and head to their classrooms.

If children have a temperature that exceeds 100.0 degrees, they'll be moved to the nurses office to be isolated, and a parent will be called to pick them up. A nurse or staff member will escort the child to the caregiver in the courtyard.

At pickup, children are directed by Cohort to a staging area along Next Day Hill Drive, as they wait for pickup. Students are advised to remain in their Cohort, and as a reminder, parents may not exit their car.

Siblings that attend different divisions are able to be picked up together this year, but must each be picked up from their individual division for safety reasons.

Before and After Care

Chilton House

As part of our partnership with EMS families, we continue to offer Before and After Care for our Chilton House students. Students may arrive as early at 7:30 a.m., Before Care will take place in the child's assigned classroom, and children may stay until 6 p.m.

Little School

The student and faculty Cohort groups remain together during after-school hours. Each Cohort has a snack, spends time outdoors, receives support in completing homework, and has additional time to socialize with peers. The hours are from dismissal time until 6 p.m. A separate classroom serves as each Cohort aftercare space.

Morrow House

The student and faculty Cohort groups remain together during after-school hours. Each Cohort has a snack, spends time outdoors, receives support in completing homework, and has additional time to socialize with peers. The hours are from dismissal time until 6 p.m. A separate classroom will serve as each Cohort aftercare space.

Dress Codes

Dress Code for Chilton House

Dress Code for Little School

Dress Code for Morrow House