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A letter from Chilton House 

Dear Chilton House Families,

Early on in the quarantine, I was enjoying a video conference with one of our 4s students.  She was describing her favorite part of her daily routine – going to see two dear friends she’d met at the pool. She talked about social distancing, chit-chatting, and laughing with her special friends. Later on in the conversation, while speaking with her mother, I learned that the two friends at the pool were 75 years old. This, and so many other stories I’ve heard, illuminate the fact that:  We all need human connection, now more than ever.  

We look forward to establishing, or re-establishing, human connection with you and your children, and getting back to what we do best in Chilton House: creating a community of lifelong learners. 

Returning to campus will be joyous and fun!  There may also be confusion and sadness.  The transition back to school in a “normal school year” can be emotional – and the transition back to school this year will bring about a whole new range of feelings that come with re-learning how to socialize. We expect this – and we're ready – with Early Childhood and Kindergarten programs that are supportive and responsive to each child's unique learning experience.

Words cannot express how excited we are to see you, virtually or in person, this September! For those who are new, we welcome you and are so pleased to bring you into our warm community. For returning families, we have missed you and can’t wait to see you again!

With joy and excitement,
Lauren Mactas
Director of Early Childhood and Kindergarten Programs

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A letter from Little School

Dear Little School Parents,

What a transformational year in our evolution as we celebrate 90 years as a school community. 

We, at Little School, remain committed to our mission. Over the countless hours of research and self-reflection we engaged in this summer, we arrived at a plan that I am personally confident upholds the high standards of care and education in all classrooms, physical and remote.

Children learn best from one another, and so we are particularly passionate about bringing students back to campus. We know that all members of our community have been affected by the interruption of our daily lives, and many are managing complex emotions.  

These decisions we are making, both as a school and for you as families, weigh heavily on all of our minds. I am grateful to you, dear families, for remaining committed to our shared purpose. 

May we continue to extend kindness to one another as we do our very best to keep our community and your children healthy, safe, and strong.  

I am here for you. 

My best, 
Beth Brennan 
Lower School Head

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A letter from Morrow House

Dear Morrow House Families,

I came to EMS last summer fresh out of an intensive week of professional development in the Harkness pedagogy at Phillips Exeter Academy. In the framework of the Harkness Table, a teacher presents an open-ended question about a piece of work the students are reading. The discussion is then taken by the students, who share perspectives with one another and thoughtfully scrutinize one another. High value is placed on speaking and listening, and there’s often no time limit on discussion. In fact, the discussion can span several class periods.

Together, the class comes to a deeper understanding of the work through rich, rigorous discussions that are sometimes fun, often enlightening, and always rewarding.  

At EMS, we used a similar approach to ask: How do we reimagine school in the wake of a pandemic? How do we deliver our educational mission while connecting the different people and unique perspectives? As happens at the Harkness table, assumptions were challenged, discussed, and we found our way to make the EMS experience meaningful, challenging, fun, and engaging.

Whenever I was online in meetings with families or with students this spring, the theme was consistent: People had become accustomed to remote learning, but they could not get accustomed to the isolation. Students missed those surprising, spontaneous conversations that suddenly connect several people in a room. Like a Harkness table, our school comes alive when we are together, sharing our voices, our thoughts, our smiles. 

We can hardly wait to see your kids. 

See you soon.

In partnership,
Phil Cox
Middle School Head

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