Keeping Students Safe and Healthy on Campus

All of our policies and protocols  start with the overarching goal of having your children in EMS classrooms taught by EMS teachers. We continue to deliver a full academic schedule to our students and provide EMS experiences before and after classes, which greatly contribute to our curriculum.

We have a fierce belief that our committed community, deep experience as educators, and the sheer size and expansiveness of our campus have helped us develop a pandemic response that is unparalleled. Our response continues to evolve as we learn more about COVID-19.



3/15/2021 - Updated Testing Schedule (below)
2/16/2021 - Updated Testing Schedule (below), CDC Mask Recommendations, Your Family's Responsibility and the Weekly Testing Stats.
2/11/2021- Updated Quarantine and Isolation Policy
1/20/2021-Added COVID-19 testing schedule for spring below
1/19/2021- Updated Chilton House Drop Off/Pick Up Policy, Effective Immediately



Faculty Test Dates Student Tests IssueD Student Test MUST BE RETURNED
3/10/2021 3/10/2021 3/11/2021
No tests will be conducted the week before Spring break, March 15. Faculty and students may schedule with lab directly if they would like to be tested prior to spring break.
3/19/2021 3/19/2021 Turn in on 4/5/21 for Return to School Test
4/14/2021 4/15/2021 4/16/2021
4/21/2021 4/22/2021 4/23/2021
4/28/2021 4/29/2021 4/30/2021
5/5/2021 5/6/2021 5/7/2021
5/12/2021 5/13/2021 5/14/2021
5/19/2021 5/19/2021 5/20/2021
5/26/2021 5/27/2021 5/28/2021
6/2/2021 6/3/2021 6/4/2021


Instructions for COVID testing with a funnel
Instructions for COVID testing without a funnel
Sovereign Patient Acknowledgement and Consent Form



Stay home for 10 days after your last contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. Alternatively, you may end your quarantine after seven days if you get tested on the fifth day (or later) following your exposure and receive a negative PCR test result. Please note that you must have approval from the school nurse prior to your return in either case.


Students traveling to any U.S. state or territory, or country beyond the immediate region (New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) are required to quarantine for 10 days from their date of return. As a reminder, we ask our families to respect the CDC guidelines as well as the New Jersey guidelines with regard to travel. While we know that members of our community may reside in states that may have slightly different policies, in order to ensure consistency we ask that you adhere to our school policies. We are encouraging our community members to stay home and to refrain from gathering indoors or without proper PPE with individuals who are not a part of their household.